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Helpful Hints

  • Spray wooden furniture with a good polish. Cover with cardboard or
    drop cloth
  • Use cardboard liberally inside unit – use it to protect wooden furniture,
    and place under soft furnishings, mattresses, etc.
  • DO NOT store food items
  • Defrost refrigerators/ freezers, leave the door open, and do not put a
    towel in the bottom of the refrigerator to soak up water
  • Ensure water has drained from washing machine hoses before going
    into storage
  • List contents of boxes on all sides, number and seal with tape
  • Use boxes, plastic bags or clothing bags for storing clothes
  • Do not set mattresses directly on concrete floor, store on edge vertically

  • Keep all items off the floor if possible to allow air movement
  • To stop rusting of exposed metal, use a light coating of oil
  • Plan your storage space. Place items you may need access to in the
    front and allow for walkways
  • Make an inventory of your stored items and keep in a safe place
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors in cardboard and mark “FRAGILE” and stack
    on end
  • Large appliances can be used as packing cases for blankets towels and
  • Shovels, rakes, hoes, etc, can be stored together in an empty rubbish
  • Tables with removable legs should be ‘broken down’ to save space
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture
  • If using a dehumidifying product, place in area where it will do no
    damage if it leaks
  • Clean lawn mower blades and empty fuel from tank
  • Give leather goods a treatment of avocado oil or other leather

  • DO NOT store paint or any type of corrosive. Containers may break
    down and contents will leak over your furniture and into other units
  • Gas bottles must be emptied and valve left open